Here is a personal project that aims to question communication around literature.
Indeed, advertising for books has hardly changed for more than 70 years. As digital marketing takes off, social media and motion design have emerged, and books are confined to posters, magazines, and newspapers.

This project aims to reinvent the way books are presented to the public in our current world.

For this, the Japanese novel “Stairs Island” by Yutaka Kono, newly arrived on the French market under the name “L’île aux escaliers” was the subject of an experimental Book Trailer as well as a cover redesign.

The goal was to create a visual and sound atmosphere to mimic what can be felt when reading the book.

VOICE ACTOR - @slaywithaslane
The decision was made after a market study not to represent realistic characters or scenery not to encroach on the imagination of future readers, but rather to focus on an atmosphere.
However, readers between the ages of 15 and 25 surveyed said they were very enthusiastic about the idea of seeing book trailers, even if they feature characters or sets.

A way of representing the characters was nevertheless thought out during the project.


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