For this project, I illustrated a poster for each my favorite book and my favorite movie ( at that time ) : “The Ice people” by René Barjvel and “Mulholland drive” by David Lynch.

The character on the left represents Eléa ( one of the main characters whom the story revolves around ) and the character on the right, Païkan ( her lover ).
Eléa is described as mysterious, beautiful, almost too perfect to be real. This is why I decided to giver her these hypnotic holographic colors. Païkan’s identity only is revealed at the very end of the novel, this is why I wanted him to look like a black silhouette. Also, his body is discovered damaged. So on the cover, some parts of him are not fully visible.
The composition is meant to recall the shape of the Zoran’s equation : “what doesn’t exist, exists”
For Mulholland drive, I wanted to represent the toxic relationship between the two main characters in the form of an optical illusion ( because illusion and dream are central themes of the book ).
It is difficult to know here if the purple arm belongs to the red silhouette that caresses the black silhouette, or if it belongs to the black silhouette that repels the red silhouette with a gesture of disgust.

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